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Parodi's Cats
Proprietor :- Sheila Rawden
email: new.start@live.com 
 In the picturesque and quiet medieval village of Parodi Ligure in Northern Italy (close to Alessandria, Piemonte) there is a secret!
In the quaint narrow streets of this village, there is an English lady
who rescues and supports the many unwanted and stray cats which are found around the village. Unable to close the doors of compassion
on any needy animal, Sheila Rawden has taken into her home animals from as far afield as Bulgaria and Romania.
Here you can see just a few of the cats which, without her love and
help, would have surely endured a life of misery and pain. Simply
rescuing the animals isn't enough, so a neutering (sterilisation) campaign is taking place to reduce the numbers born without hope.
DONATIONS are needed to allow Sheila to continue her essential work. Please DONATE here.
 Shoshka was thrown from an 8-storey building and has a broken back,
lost an eye and broken both of her back feet. She is totally incontinent and not
an easy cat to look after - there is a lot of cleaning to be done, because she
cannot wear a nappy due to her back problems.
Twenty, so named by a villager, because she was the 20th addition to our family! She was found in the streets - cold and hungry. When I got the call, I picked her up and now she's a bonny cat. A week later, I picked up her sister, because her Mum had dumped her in a garage...so Smudge joined us too! 
 Penny turned up on my doorstep. She was dying and a tiny little thing in a
bad way. Although she was feral, she allowed us to treat her. She grew
stronger, but before I had the chance to sterilise her, she was "caught" and
had a litter of 4. Only one survived, a fluffy ginger tomcat, who's everyone's favourite, called Red! Penny is still sem- feral, but Red is domesticated.

Nozomi was picked her up in a neighbouring village. She was skinny, not
in good health and eating a dead kitten (not one of her own) and this turned
our stomachs! After pleadling with the owner to let me have her, I took
her to the vets when for sterilising and found out that she was just pregnant.
She hates other cats, lives outside and dines in the shed where she'll sleep
when the weather is bad. She's a strange cat, but at least she's a healthy one!



I called this female, Amber, because of her colouring. She is a
wild village cat, who I caught for sterilising last year. I released her
back into the village afterwards. She is a lovely cat, but is still
completely wild.

Sylvester was either a hit and run car accident or had been tortured.....I do not know. He cannot use his back legs and is incontinent. He has a set of wheels, but likes to get around, by using his front legs so that he can play with the others. He is a very mischievious cat who is always up to something! He wears a nappy during the day and at night sleeps in a cot, nappy free - he loves his bed and is a contented cat!
New wheels currently on order!!!  £100 to find!!